Uppsala Synchrotronix AB was founded 2018 in response to the growing industrial interest in materials research at synchrotron radiation facilities. By working closely together with research facilities, university scientists, workshops, and suppliers, we provide a complete ecosystem of engaged people and cutting-edge resources for complex industrial R&D projects.

The Team

Robert Moberg
Head of Sales and Global relations, Co-founder

Robert Moberg has been in the world of synchrotron radiation facilities for decades. Being our primary point of contact with customers, Robert keeps track of the development at key facilities to provide the industry with the most exciting research opportunities. He did his PhD at Uppsala University in Prof. Hans Siegbahn’s group, who pioneered the field of ambient pressure PES with the first set-ups for electrochemical systems and liquids. As R&D scientist and, later, sales manager, Robert was for a long time with the market-leading PES developer Scienta, where he was deeply engaged with researchers and big facilities globally in the transformation of PES into a powerful tool for materials analyses with techniques such as HAXPES, Ambient-Pressure XPS, and ARPES. Robert has since continued building networks and competence around vacuum instrumentation and surface science as sales representative and application specialist consultant in, e.g., the build-up of systems for complex operando experiments at synchrotron radiation beamlines.

Mårten Edwards
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

With scientific thinking, successful grant-writing, and deep insights about the true industrial needs, Mårten Edwards leads big-science operations efficiently, giving room for scientific brilliance and excitement without losing the focus on the business targets. As a PhD and postdoc, Mårten did photon spectroscopy and laser experiments at large ion-beam facilities. With Scienta, he developed X-ray sources and systems for HAXPES and Ambient-Pressure XPS, and today he is using SEM/EDX, optical microscopy, and other imaging and analysis techniques for industrial forensics. Mårten has also an Associate Prof. degree in physical chemistry, and with Chalmers Industriteknik and Uppsala University, and in spinoffs, he has developed electrochemical displays and solar cells,  lab instruments, LCD and battery recycling methods, and polymeric ingredients in paints.