Uppsala Synchrotronix is your partner for industrial big science – and for scientific problem-solving, investigations, and R&D in general. We and our scientific partners and customers provide game-changing data through spectroscopy, imaging, and scattering projects at synchrotron-radiation facilities. Uppsala Synchrotronix has also fast access to excellent facilities for materials characterization, testing, and sample processing locally in Uppsala. A selection of the used techniques is shown below. We are skilled at designing holders and sample environments for various types of samples, devices, measurement techniques and operation conditions. Send us an inquiry with your specific needs to get a quote for local-service projects or a prospect for big-science research.

Analyses and testing – fast access

  • Optical microscopy
  • XRD
  • AFM
  • White Light Interferometry
  • Vickers hardness
  • Nanoindenter

Sample preparation – fast access

  • Cutting
  • Etching
  • Polishing
  • Vapor and sputter deposition of a variety of thin films
  • Microstructuring of silicon:
    design, masks, lithography

Using university resources and large-scale facilities can lead to unique technology insights, valuable IP, understanding of quality issues, enhanced competitiveness, and scientific credibility. But it is hard for a single company to manage the complex interplay between the involved organisations and persons, keep track of beam-time and funding scheme opportunities, and keep the required special expertise in-house. We can fill the gap and facilitate efficient access to state-of-the-art resources as your scientific partner on a more permanent basis.