Scaling down operations

We have decided to scale down the operations in Uppsala Synchrotronix AB. The ongoing projects will be finalized and closed. New projects will not be initiated.

Uppsala Synchrotronix has been operated as a joint venture between Romo Scientific AB and Edwards Science & Technology AB since 2018. Romo Scientific is a sales service company specializing in scientific instrumentation. Edwards Science & Technology provides analyses and forensic lab services for the pharma industry and manufacturers in general.

For future inquiries about scientific equipment for synchrotron-radiation research, please contact Robert Moberg at Romo Scientific.

For future inquiries about industrial R&D projects and materials analyses at large facilities, please contact Mårten Edwards at Edwards Science & Technology.

Uppsala, Sweden, Dec. 9, 2022

Studies of calcination processes by Ambient Pressure XPS

Permascand has, together with Uppsala Synchrotronix, received funding from the Swedish Innovation Agency for operando studies of the formation of catalytic coatings on electrodes for electrochemical processing. We will use Ambient Pressure XPS to follow the formation process under realistic conditions in real-time. Lars-Åke Näslund is the principal investigator and Susanne Holmin from Permascand is the project manager. Read more here.

Participating in the event World Class Materials Innovation

Robert Moberg from Uppsala Synchrotronix will participate in the panel discussion of World Class Materials Innovation on 1 July 10.00 – 11..00 am. The topic of the event is “how to create capacity to support businesses to leverage from the investments in infrastructure”. The event is arranged by Materials Business Center and Packbridge.
#iställetföralmedalen: World Class Materials Innovation

Towards real-time probing of precipitates in hot-rolling processes under realistic conditions

SSAB, Lund University (Prof. Stephen Hall), Swerim, and Uppsala Synchrotronix have received funding from the Swedish Innovation Agency for combined SAXS and WAXS studies of the precipitation kinetics during hot-rolling of microalloyed steels, aiming at real-time in-situ experiments. The experiments will be carried out at Petra-3. Linda Bäcke from SSAB is the project manager. Read more here.